The Venture Builder for Human Centric Solutions

LEDGER, an EU funded project, empowers people to solve problems using decentralised technologies such blockchain, peer to peer or distributed ledger technologies.


We are looking for 32 projects to build Minimum viable products (MVPs) where privacy by design, openness and citizen data sovereignity are at the core of their proposition.


1st Open Call Open


LEDGER offers to the selected projects:

Up to €200.000 equity free

A venture builder programme for up to 12 months with business mentors, camps, technological vouchers, training and demo days.

An expert researcher in residence to support the selected teams along the full programme.

Access to market and support to raise further investment for the best projects in class.

focus on 5 + 1 sectors








Public Services


Energy & Sustainability



Open Innovation

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Here is a brief interview of #Refracta's maintainer fsmithred, one of the many volunteers taking care of our distro. Filmed at the 1st Devuan Conference in Amsterdam, thanks to the @DyneOrg crew for this unique coverage. //

#Evaluation results about #ledger first open call are out. May you need to understand better the steps of the evaluation process we've made a post for that purpose at our #community #ngi @NGI4eu : //