LEDGER – After a long selection process and strong competition that started with 99 submitted applications from 26 countries, the EU-funded MVP Venture Builder for human-centric solutions has held its final Jury Day on Thursday the 29th of April 2021 where 18 finalists competed for up to 9 available programme spots, including mentoring services and up to 150.000EUR in equity-free funding.

The 9 selected teams to join the 3rd and final round of LEDGER are:

  1. Anastasis– password-less key recovery via multi-factor multi-party authentication.
  2. /e/ – a desirable, open-source, privacy-by-design mobile ecosystem.
  3. Fairbnb – booking cooperative platform that aims to limit the negative effects of tourism and amplifying its positive elements for local economies.
  4. NYM-B2B – privacy infrastructure that can scale any Internet application using blockchain technology.
  5. Patio – an open-sourced data hub connecting smart building data (secured in Distributed Ledger Technologies) to a SaaS management tool for Homeowners Associations.
  6. SafePKT – internet by the people, for the people.
  7. Sensix – an open-source electric meter & power analyser – small, affordable, high-end and high-precision.
  8. TWINDS ID – a disposable Identities Privacy Toolkit comprising an open-source software development kit (SDK) for privacy-enhancing technologies, linking Temporary Anonymous ID’s into Verified ID’s
  9. YouChoose – a browser extension for users to gain back control over their online content recommendations. Not-for-profit, democratically governed, it aims to restore European algorithmic sovereignty.

LEDGER would also like to thank the other 9 finalists who, although not making it this time, are all pioneers that will shape the Next Generation Internet.

Please meet them here:

eBikePS – a microGRID platform for solar charging eBikes and other portable smart devices in mountainous areas, in order to foster rural tourism and accessibility.

IOC – a search protocol for music rights, empowering music creators to be found & paid while streaming providers reduce their enormous liabilities.

Moncon– a content paywall that allows publishers to monetize content with micropayments, subscriptions and the creation of digital assets.

PlanBase– open-source web-based planning portal for public consultation in 3D.

R@H – an open-source platform for patients to control their data and engage in decentralized clinical research.

RULEBOOK– an API and ledger to automate human-centric data sharing contracts.

The Cube – as a personal data sharing intermediary, it works on a consent blockchain that will be Common for all players of their ecosystem.

THX – blockchain infrastructure to embed fintech in any application, increasing reputation, data sovereignty, engagement and revenue.

Vocdoni – implementation of a universally verifiable voting system based on decentralised identity & focused on UX and accessibility from smartphones.

Congratulations and thank you to all participants!