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Awards and Appearances

Some awards won by LEDGER beneficiaries
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Blockchain for Social Good EIC Prize Winners Announced
Blockchain for Social Good EIC Prize Winner GMerits
Blockchain for Social Good EIC Prize Winner Prosume

Premio Alava Emprende – Smart Consent

Some appearances of LEDGER beneficiaries in the media.
More coming soon

Cobox – Compost – UK – Seeding in the Wild

Cobox – Peer Discovery Report

FairBnb – Italy – Blog – Open source, blockchain and co-ops, keys to democratisation
FairBnb – Italy – The Independent – All hail FairBnB, the new sustainable home sharing platform
IUVIA – El Confidencial – Spain – El invento gallego para no volver a usar Google y proteger todos tus datos en internet
IUVIA – Publico – Spain – La crisis de suministros frustra el lanzamiento de IUVIA, una innovadora ‘nube’ gallega para escapar de Google
IUVIA – Empodera Impact – Spain – Activismo y emprendimiento a favor de los derechos digitales y la privacidad de los datos en Internet
iGive2 – Blog – Ireland – Blockchain-Ledger Technology for Health – An Opportunity For Patient Empowerment
NYM – Switzerland – Future from a16z – Investing in Nym
SafePKT – CrowdfundInsider – France – Caleb James DeLisle: Co-founder at PKT Explains how they’ve Used Blockchain Tech to Pay Users for Contributing Unused Internet Bandwidth
YouChoose – YouTube – France – Je crack l’algorithm
Usody – Interreg Europe – Spain – Policy Learning Platform – Socially minded platform for the reuse and recycling of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE)