LEDGER – The Venture Builder for Human-centric solutions is announcing the final 32 projects that will be competing for up to 16 available MVP Venture Builder programme spots, including mentoring services and up to 200.000EUR in equity free funding.

The Jury Day event was planned to take place in Madrid on the 23rd of April, however, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it will be taken ONLINE on the same date. 

Stay tuned as additional information about the online event will be provided soon!

At LEDGER we received a total of 338 applications from 35 countries, exceeding the already impressive numbers of last year’s 1st Open Call and with it, all expectations. 180 proposals passed the eligibility and prescoring phase and were then assessed each one by two external evaluators, one technical and the other humanistic.

These are the final 32 selected projects invited to pitch at LEDGER’s Jury Day:

Zenodys data marketplace – Making cities smart and protect citizen’s privacy with the blockchain data exchange platform.

Acren – Agricultural Re:Nature – Will be the first donation platform that enables you to donate for specified environmental measures in a transparent and traceable way.

AMBLOCKSIA – Blockchain platform for the establishment of smart contracts between farmers and food safety authorities to guarantee safe pesticide levels.

NOIXION – Content platform supporting authors to share and manage their audiovisual creations: dissemination and monetisation tool based on AI and DLT.

OSDK – Open Sugi Development Kit – Open community platform for hardware blockchain wallet development. Build a hardware wallet that feels human in one day for your application.

Global Passport Project – Addressing migration processes and human rights abuses through a blockchain-based platform to promote participatory democracy for migrants.

ResearchProof – A multi-layered set of blockchain and cryptography tools to foster open science.

TrustMeet – Certifies on blockchain interconnected information and user endorsement through the user experience of social microblogging.

TREE WALLET – A personal Blockchain Wallet for farmers and actors from all economic sectors to collaborate trading CO2, plant trees and share the benefits.

B2B Pay – New payment cooperative platform for B2B trade oriented to international economic transactions available for all European companies.

Distributed Secure Smart Farming Log (DISEMIN) – Farming together, the smart way.

Stonize – Open access trusted securitisation platform that makes finance more democratic by distributing economic wealth more equally.

Green Heat – New generation of eco-friendly heating devices – powered by blockchain technology

VicVic – A proximity cooperative platform for community building and empowerment.

SingularGrid – Faster and more reliable switching of energy suppliers at your fingertips for  Social Contract of Energy.

REXS.IO – Real-time & transparent data stream notarisation.

WiseTown Issue Certification Module (ICM) – “Web Information Streams Enhancer for your Town”: Engage citizens into transparent governance with Decentralised Ledger Technology.

InstansOS-iSumo – A distributed operating system for the “internet of impact”.

Smart Consent – Improving the communication physician-patient using audiovisual technology and blockchain security, towards paperless for health management.

Bloom Network – A billion acts of regeneration.

Abundance – Incentivise sustainable impact in your community with Abundance inclusive currencies.

Degree360 – Learner-centred end-to-end solution for earning and storing lifelong learning credentials and building incentivised learning pathways.

ConDIDI – Full lifecycle decentralised conference participant management.

Social Digital Lab – An innovative, collaborative, AI-based digital learning platform to meet the needs of a growing and changing lifelong learning market.

Briing – Fostering consumer bargaining and user data sovereignty through a decentralised group-buying marketplace on the blockchain.

CAPENA – Own your reputation.

Orvium – Open access publishing platform created for, and by, researchers that returns the benefits of science to society.

Gene Coop – Human genomic data cooperative for and by citizens to support health research and responsible and inclusive governance of data.

Backme.org – Make content creators, journalists and artists become independent.

UnLockBio – Helps researchers and pharma, procure biodata by connecting them with patients and biobanks in a privacy preserving fashion.

LiV – Democratising and giving you control over inheritance & succession planning.

Smart Community Brain – An IoT/DLTs Hub for HomeOwners Associations (HOAs) built for an open source Smart City with citizen data sovereignty by design.


LEDGER is part of the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative aiming to shape the future Internet as an interoperable platform ecosystem that embodies the values that Europe holds dear: openness, inclusivity, transparency, privacy, cooperation, and protection of data.

NGI has invested over €80 million in blockchain projects for societal use. By 2020, the European Commission expects to allocate around €300 million to initiatives like LEDGER.

To learn more about LEDGER, and to connect, find funding opportunities, partners and news about The Venture Builder Programme, please join the LEDGER Community.

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