The European Venture Builder Programme for Human-Centric Solutions enters its next phase.

The 16 winners of LEDGER’s first Jury Day are now entering the acceleration phase. First stop: The WELCOME CAMP in Amsterdam.


The 2-day event is taking place on the 4th and 5th of July 2019 at Pakhuis De Zwijger in Amsterdam North and will be open to the public for public discussions and networking during the afternoon of day 2.

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At LEDGER we love free and open source software. We encourage the appropriation of technology to weave narratives of empowerment for people. We want to raise awareness on the importance of technical sustainability; to enhance people’s control on how data and algorithms are developed and condition everyone’s life. We dream of a new, open and inclusive European model for technological sovereignty.

Our mission is the stewardship of the knowledge commons: for a free world where we can all learn from each other, take and recombine empowering elements in new architectures and designs for the common wealth. What sometimes is hard to get is how to divide the gains fairly, how to imagine and implement ways that turn the economic strength of the common values into sustainable and successful projects and ventures.

Our partner’s Dyne European observatory on Algorithmic Sovereignty reached significant success in divulging findings and concerns of diverse European research and development projects. The D-CENT made clear how participatory processes can be facilitated by accessible technological means; the DECODE project is researching societal uses for decentralised technologies and crypto innovations; the Commonfare project is leveraging bottom-up community projects of wealth developments through information exchange and participatory budgeting processes.

The LEDGER project raises the bar of all its stakeholders with the opportunity to fund and mentor new teams that develop “human-centric” solutions that are purpose-driven and socially useful. Beneficiaries receive up to 200.000 EUR equity free to work hard and deliver a working implementation of their ideas in 9 months.

The event on the 4th of July is our “Welcome Bootcamp” for these teams: the beneficiaries of the LEDGER fund will present their projects, selected for their ethical values, quality and delivery capacity.

You are invited to come along with colleagues, students and friends to learn more about these projects and LEDGER as a whole.

It can be particularly interesting for those of you thinking to engage the second open call, with further 16 teams to be awarded early next year. This Welcome Camp will allow you to get a full overview of the winners with focused, short and to the point presentations to get to know what matters most in order to enter the programme.

Part of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, launched by the European Commission to make the Internet a platform more transparent, inclusive, open, cooperative and respectful of data privacy,