The Venture Builder Programme


LEDGER will invest €5.6m in projects willing to build human centric solutions using decentralised technologies where citizens retain control over their data.


LEDGER promotes and support the creation of minimum viable products (MVPs) where privacy by design, openness and data governance are at the core of their proposition.
The MVP Builder Programme is articulated as a totally customised service, where high level researchers and top business professionals are selected to fit needs of bottom-up projects and guide them along the whole Program.
The most promising 32 bottom-up projects will be selected (along 2 open calls) to enter the 12 months MVP Builder Programme, till last stage where only the most 16 outstanding projects will reach.

LEDGER offers to the selected projects:

Up to €200.000 equity free

A venture builder programme for up to 12 months with business mentors, camps, technological vouchers, training and demo days.

An expert researcher in residence to support the selected teams along the full programme.

Access to market and support to raise further investment for the best projects in class.

The programme focuses in 5 sectors plus one open vertical for disruptive projects in other areas:





Public Services

Energy & Sustainability


Disruptive Innovation

After a first 9 months stage to develop and test an MVP, the 16 best projects will enter a 3 months second business focus phase where business modelling, fundraising and access to market services will be provided.

The MVP Venture Builder Programme have 5 Stages:

Stage 01


Selected teams will meet in a Welcome Event where teams will match with a technical and a business mentor.
Stage 02


The teams will work over a 4 weeks period to define the road to success with the support of industry, end users, and mentors.
Stage 03

Research & MVP Development

The bridging process between Research and Innovation; each team will focus on Prototyping and MVP Agile development.
Stage 04

MVP Test

The teams will be focused on testing the MVPs with first early adopters and defining Business models.
Stage 05


The 16 best-in-class teams will access to this stage that it will be focused on growth, covering sales, scalability, pivoting and fundraising.
The ‘Researcher-in-Residence [RiR]’ will be a Ph.D. or a Senior Researcher with a wide background in DLT technologies and Social Innovation.
The Business Mentor will support the teams in defining the Business Model and fundraising additional resources for market deployment.
The additional support from Researchers and/or experts external to the Consortium members but part of their networks, will be implemented through a Voucher mechanism.
Additionally, the selected teams will participate in 6 networking events along the process, from the Jury Day, to the Training Master Class weekend, the Bootcamps and the Demo day