LEDGER, a European Commission funded project, and part of the NGI initiative, a Venture Builder for Human-Centric Solutions, announces the 16 innovation projects that have been selected in the programme’s 2nd Jury Day, which took place online over two separate sessions.

The winners in alphabetical order:

  1. Acuratio – Medical diagnostics of rare cancers with privacy-preserving machine learning.
  2. Anastasis – Password-less key recovery via multi-factor multi-party authentication.
  3. Backme.org – Make content creators, journalists and artists become independent.
  4. ConDIDI – Full lifecycle decentralized conference participant management
  5. DAppNode – Pooled decentralized hardware infrastructure, open to anyone, for hosting a human-centric data-sovereign, private-by-design internet.
  6. Distributed Secure Smart Farming Log (DISEMIN) – A digital log of sensor data and human input, controlled by the farmer who decides whom they will share their data with.
  7. Eschooltul – Organisational school online platform with Blockchain
  8. Gene Coop – Human genomic data cooperative for and by citizens to support health research and responsible and inclusive governance of data.
  9. Global Passport Project – Addressing migration processes and human rights abuses through a blockchain-based platform to promote participatory democracy for migrants.
  10. Hacking Ecology – Open source systems for environmental quality monitoring and data management.
  11. LiV – Web-platform built on blockchain and AI that democratises access to inheritance planning and succession.
  12. Open Distributed Environmental Monitoring Platform – Open source low-cost detection of mutagens in food water soil and air.
  13. Orvium – Open access publishing platform created for, and by, researchers that returns the benefits of science to society.
  14. Smart Consent – A system designed for management of the medical informed consent, improving the communication physician-patient using audiovisual technology and Blockchain security, towards paperless for health management.
  15. VeriBio – Blockchain decentralised tracking platform to empower customers and contribute to enhance trust in the food industry.
  16. Vocdoni – Implementation of a universally verifiable voting system based on decentralised identity & focused on UX and accessibility from smartphones.

Over 2 sessions, 63 finalist teams, out of 338 applications from over 35 countries, pitched in front of a jury comprised of the following 7 experts from highly respected organisations in the Next Generation Internet ecosystem:

Francesca Bria – DECODE Project Coordinator and UN Senior Advisor on digital cities and digital rights

Bob Goudriaan – NL.NET representative of NGI0 Discovery and NGI PET

Katja Bego – Project Coordinator of NGI-Forward and Senior Research at Nesta

Johannes Mikkonen – Senior consultant Demos Helsinki Think Tank

Dr. Denis ‘Jaromil’ Rojo – Founder and CTO Dyne.org

Klaus Kummermehr – Business Partner Blumorpho

Jorge Fernandez – CTO FundingBox


The selected projects are going to have the opportunity to widely develop their approaches as they have just entered a 12-month acceleration programme, during which they will benefit from:

  • Business mentoring, camps, technological vouchers, training and demo days
  • Support from an expert researcher in residence
  • Access to market and support to raise further investment
  • €200,000 distributed over the course of the programme

About the LEDGER:

LEDGER is part of The Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, which was launched by the European Commission and it aims to shape the future internet as a value-centric and interoperable ecosystem that embodies openness, inclusivity, transparency, privacy, cooperation, and protection of data (explore these values through the NGI community).

With this goal in mind, LEDGER is a Minimum Viable Product programme encouraging developers, researchers, designers and entrepreneurs to use decentralised technologies such as blockchain, peer to peer and distributed ledger to build human-centric solutions to preserve the citizens’ sovereignty over their data.

LEDGER’s partners: FundingBox, Dyne.org, Blumorpho.

LEDGER’s advisory board: a team of 6 professionals working on the Next Generation Internet topic, an initiative launched by the European Commission in order to promote a more human-centric web, a key requirement for every LEDGER project.